A lovely two-colour dress - TG0450


Description of model TG0450 – A lovely two-colour dress with three-dimensional flowers from the flower fairy.

Model TG0450 – this fairy-tale dress with three-dimensional flowers is notable for its tenderness and beautiful design. The base of the dress is formed by a dense white corset. The translucent coloured bodice looks especially delicate on its background. The dress is supplemented with lantern-shaped sleeves and is adorned with stones at the edge of the neckline. The whole upper part of the dress is decorated with magnificent three-dimensional flowers by hand. The lush multi-layered skirt made of fine mesh fabric is also adorned with three-dimensional flowers. There also is a magnificent strip of flower buds at the bottom.

This charming dress for a festive occasion will make any girl feel like a fairy-tale princess at the ball.


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