Collection "LOVING BALI" by Veronica & Ko

Evening dresses collection Loving Bali 

The BRIDAL FASHION Company together with the VERONICA & Co brand present to the beautiful ladies a new collection of evening dresses - Loving Bali. The peculiarity of each exclusive designer dress is a combination of the classic concept of “evening dress” with fashionable European trends and a fresh exotic touch. 

Evening dresses ‘Loving Bali’ - fabulous images and impeccable quality 

The Loving Bali collection includes only 11 models, but each of them is a sample of style, elegance and taste. Exquisite seductive styles emphasizing feminine beauty, elite materials and decor, as well as the delicate work of our designers, seamstresses and decorators allowed us to create very stylish, elegant and romantic dresses that will allow their owners to feel themselves real ladies in all senses of the word. 

The choice of colours was approached by our fashion designers with particular responsibility. Beauties are offered to choose from the most fashionable colours and shades, floral print is also used, hand-patched air fabrics, original additions. 

The collection also presents cocktail dresses for parties, including a very creative transparent dress, which is designed to be combined with other fashionable items of clothing - a short dress, trousers, shorts, t-shirt or top. 

How to choose and order an evening outfit from the Loving Bali collection 

The prices for models from the Loving Bali collection are pleasantly surprising. BRIDAL FASHION and VERONICA & Co aimed at creating a collection of evening dresses in an affordable price segment, while preserving the quality and exclusivity of evening dresses. Our experts have successfully coped with the task, we are pleased to invite everyone to cooperate and purchase charming evening dresses. 

You can view the models, study them in detail in the high-resolution photo in the catalog on the site. Descriptions will introduce you to the materials, the type of decor and other features of the dress. You have the opportunity to order dresses online (check with the manager for details). 

In addition, you can come to the BRIDAL FASHION brand new salon in Voloka (near Chernivtsi), try on the dress you like, if necessary - fit the body shape and height. We invite shops, salons and boutiques of fashionable women's clothing to cooperate for the wholesale supply of models. A range of sizes is available. Prices from the manufacturer, favourable partnership terms and conditions.